CNN Gets Kamala Harris To Finally Admit She’ll Rob People Of Their Employer Health Plans

Y’all, the times I appreciate the work of a CNN employee are few and far between.

This is one of them.

In an interview with 2020 Dem hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris, John Berman, co-host of the network’s morning show, New Day, took Harris to task over remarks that her version of socialized healthcare was being unfairly described by her opponents.

“You said your opponents were lying, or weren’t being honest about [your new health care proposal],” Berman said. “The issue of your private insurance—one of the things that has been charged is that you will not be able to keep your private insurance. If we get insurance through CNN, if GM workers get insurance through GM—under your plan, they will not be able to keep that private insurance. Is that true?”

“My plan will separate your health care from your employer, meaning your employer will no longer dictate the kind of health care you receive,” Harris said in her evasive, canned answer.

“Under my plan of Medicare-for-All,” Harris continued, “private insurance companies will be able to provide coverage if they play by our rules. Therefore, what that means is that you don’t have to be wed to your employer to keep the insurance that you like and that you need.”

“We have to decouple health care from employers,” Harris stressed. “There will be private insurance, there will be private plans, but it will not be coupled with your employer.”

Amazing. All those words to give an indirect answer when all the man asked for was just one: “yes,” or “no.”

Berman didn’t let up, cornering Harris with the fact that she’d be taking away Americans’ employer-provided health insurance.

“Yes, they may be able to keep a private insurance, but it’s not their private insurance,” the CNN host clarified. “Correct?”

“They get to make the choice,” Harris said, getting markedly quieter.

“No,” Berman retorted, “you’re basically allowing for a Medicare Advantage plan, where, insurers can enter that plan and they can choose it if they want to. But if you’re getting insurance from GM, from your employer, you will not get to keep that … It’s a private plan, not necessarily your private plan; there’s no guarantee that your private plan will be part of that [option].”

“Well, if you decide that your private plan is your employers’ private plan, as opposed to your private plan that you want to choose for yourself, then perhaps you’re right,” Harris finally admitted.

Holy buckets, that was like pulling teeth with chopsticks.

In a handy dandy little fact-check piece, The Sacramento Bee confirmed Berman’s point that Harris does indeed plan to rob Americans of their employer-based healthcare plans:

“Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet claimed at the Democratic debate Wednesday night that Sen. Kamala Harris intends to ban employer-based health insurance.

“Harris argued that her healthcare proposal, unveiled earlier this week, wouldn’t make anything ‘illegal.’ That is true, but it would ultimately eliminate the way most Americans currently get their health insurance: through their employer.”

 The Bee also noted that “more than three-quarters of the public have a favorable view of employer-sponsored health coverage,” according to July polls from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
I’d hope we can all be grown-ups enough to applaud Berman for grilling Harris over her garbage policy. Done applauding? Great, now back to ignoring CNN and their fake news.