CNN Gets Even More Bad News About Network Ratings

When a network that is known for being more or less a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, tossing journalistic ethics in the garbage can, there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing they’re failing in the ratings department.

And yes, CNN is the culprit we’re discussing today. And yes, they are failing miserably with their ratings taking an even further dive in the toilet than they already experienced. Hard to believe they could sink further, but they did.

via The Daily Wire:

The stats are striking when one compares CNN to Fox News. Fox has 2.4 million primetime viewers, CNN just 761,000. Total day numbers: Fox 1.32 million; CNN 541,000. Those numbers equate to a 2% drop for Fox News — but a whopping 18% plunge for CNN.

CNN’s best-rated show was “Cuomo Prime Time,” which came in at No. 25, but fell short of a million viewers at 936,000. Anderson Cooper drew 892,000 viewers, Don Lemon 833,000 viewers and Jake Tapper just 699,000.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow’s ratings at MSNBC have also plunged. The liberal hostess pushed the Russia-Trump collusion for more than two years, but special counsel Robert Mueller’s report said there was insufficient evidence to prove the charge.

In May, Maddow’s show suffered its worst ratings since Trump took office, losing 500,000 viewers, Fox News reported.

The release of the Mueller report seems to have played a significant role in the drop experienced by Maddow in the first quarter of the year. Before May, Maddow averaged 3.1 million viewers. After May, the number dropped to 2.6 million.

She lost 500,000 viewers after Barr’s letter on the Mueller report was released. That ought to tell you exactly what Americans think of this whole mess with Mueller and the left’s constant attempts to somehow punish Trump for something he didn’t do.

If CNN would like to see viewers return to viewing their network’s content, perhaps they ought to consider dropping the silly attacks against Trump and try moving more to the center in their coverage of politics. This would do wonders to reestablish the network as a trusted name in news media.

They probably won’t do that though. The left is far too petty to do something that mature.