CNN Claims There Have Been 22 School Shootings in 2018, There’s Just One Problem…

CNN has been reporting on the awful shooting that took place at Santa Fe High School in Texas early on Friday, and as you might expect, they are doing their best to push an anti-gun narrative, not allowing the events of the day to completely unfold before launching into a political discussion on the topic.

Listen, no one is saying that school safety isn’t an issue to discuss, but shouldn’t we at least wait a little bit until things have quieted down and people process what has happened? It’s a little much. Eight people have lost their lives here.

What’s worse is that CNN is claiming that there’s been multiple shootings per week in schools since the beginning of the year.

As per usual with CNN, that’s not entirely accurate.

Every shooting is an act of evil. But this statistic is plainly untrue. CNN used the following parameters for their count:

A shooting that involved at least one person being shot (not including the shooter)

A shooting that occurred on school grounds

We included grades K through college/university level

We included gang violence, fights and domestic violence

We included accidental discharge of a firearm as long as the first two parameters are met

So, in other words, not mass shootings; not even purposeful shootings; not even shootings involving children. If a gang member shot another gang member on school grounds during the summer, this would count as a school shooting. If a wife shot a husband at a school, they counted it.

Conservative Ben Shapiro breaks down the various incidents these folks are counting toward their total number of shootings:

March 13, Seaside, CA: A teacher accidentally discharged a firearm during a public safety class. No one was killed.

March 8, Mobile, AL: A non-student was shot at an apartment on the University of South Alabama campus.

March 7, Birmingham, AL: Two students were shot accidentally during dismissal time at a school.

March 7, Jackson, MS: A student was shot at a dorm at Jackson State University.

March 2, Mount Pleasant, WA: Two non-students were shot at a dorm at Central Michigan University – and police blamed a domestic dispute.

February 27, Norfolk, VA: A student at Norfolk State University was apparently accidentally shot from an adjacent dorm room.

February 27, Itta Bena, MS: A non-student was shot at a recreation center at Mississippi Valley State University.

February 24, Savannah, GA: A non-student shooter shot a non-student victim on the Savannah State University campus.

February 9, Nashville, TN: A 14-year-old shot a 17-year-old in a targeted murder attempt in a parking lot of a school.

February 5, Oxon Hill, MD: Two teenagers shot a third teenager in a robbery attempt outside a school.

February 1, Los Angeles, CA: A 12-year-old girl accidentally shot two 15-year-olds.

January 31, Philadelphia, PA: A 32-year-old non-student was shot outside a high school after a fight.

January 20, Winston Salem, NC: A college football player was shot to death on campus at a party.

Now, this isn’t to say that these incidents aren’t worth talking about on the news, but it’s not right to call these “school shootings” as if they are on par with what happened today in Texas or in Parkland, Florida.

There have actually only been like seven of these incidents, not 22. However, seven is seven too many. Real action needs to be taken to end this horrific violence.

It doesn’t start with gun control, it starts with armed security teams in every public school, and it ends with us abandoning the insanity of progressivism and focusing on providing children with what they really need: strong family units with a mom and a dad.

Source: The Daily Wire