Climate Alarmists Are Gluing Themselves To Jets Over In Britain. Seriously.

Climate hysteria advocates are stepping up their game.

While not quite as ominous and violent as their fellow leftist Antifa comrades (for now, anyway,) they’re really making some big strides in putting their own lives on the line to cause mild to moderate inconveniences for the rest of the world so they can have a few anecdotes for the grandkids they’ll probably never have.

The latest very stable genius did his part for Mother Nature by climbing on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport on Thursday, with some reports claiming he glued himself to the fuselage.

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The stunt is part of a greater demonstration from climate change extremist group Extinction Rebellion, leading to major roads and bridges being blocked in the British capital for a few days.

“Oh man, I’m shaking… This is all about the climate and ecological crisis,” said the protester, Paralympic athlete James Brown, said from on top of the airplane according to CBS News, who pointed out that Brown was a Bronze medalist but didn’t seem to find it relevant that he was also banned from the Paralympics for two years for evading a doping test.

Hmm. They also failed to provide the hilarious sentences uttered just a few moments before, offered to us by the less-prudish Australian:

“OK, here I am, top of a f***ing aeroplane at City Airport. I hate heights, I’m shitting myself. I managed to get on the roof. Oh man I’m shaking.”

I mean, yeah, buddy. Maybe rethink your life.


✈️ LIVE from London City Airport – James Brown, paraolympian, atop a British Airways plane on the runway at City airport London.#PlanetaryEmergency1000 children are already dying each day around the world due to climate change. Nearly 9,500 people die in London each year due to breathing toxic air pollution day in day out – that’s 26 per day.#ClimateAndEcologicalBreakdownIn 2010, the aviation industry carried 2.4 billion passengers; in 2050, that number is forecast to rise to 16 billion. Without action, emissions from increased air travel will triple by 2050.” WWF“And carbon emissions are not the only environmental challenge posed by a growing aviation sector. Nitrogen oxides, particulates, noise, and lead pollution also impact often disadvantaged communities living near airports.”- The International Council on Clean Transportation.#SocialCollapseThe Climate and Ecological Crisis is already driving mass forced migration, droughts, famines, death and wars over resources. What is already a nightmare for many in the Global South threatens to engulf us all.#SocialJusticeActing now on the emergency means changing our relationship to air travel and inequality. 80% of the world's population has never taken a flight. 97% didn't fly last year. A short-haul return flight from London to Edinburgh contributes more CO2 than the mean annual emissions of a person in Uganda.#InequalityIn the UK, according to the latest Department for Transport data: the top 1% of frequent fliers took 20% of all flights last year, the top 10% took over 50% of all flights, the top 15% took over 70%, and 48% of Brits did not fly at all last year.The average salary of passengers using City Airport is over £100,000 a year, yet the airport surrounded by some of the most impoverished homes in the country – people much less likely to have the means to use the airport.#FoodSecurityAs we face an ecological and climate crisis, Governments worldwide insist on exponentially increasing an exploitative economy, with 600 airports set to expand, increasing flights by billions globally.This will lead toward ever increasing temperatures globally, causing widespread crop failures, which is already a dire situation in many African regions, making it almost impossible to grow food in the tropics and leaving a vast part of the Earth uninhabitable.#TheMomentOfTruthIt is time for planet-wide civil disobedience and mass direct action.It is time to rebel for life!We need YOU!JOIN THE REBELLION!!!

Posted by Extinction Rebellion UK on Thursday, October 10, 2019

According to The Australian, Brown also took part in an attempt last month to shut down Heathrow Airport with toy drones, filming the incident and live-streaming it to Facebook.

London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick was unamused with Brown’s antics.

“My early understanding is somebody has been arrested after they presumably bought a ticket, went through security perfectly normally, went up the steps of a plane and hurled themselves on top of a plane,” she said according to the BBC. “Actually, that was a reckless, stupid and dangerous thing to do for all concerned.”

The London City Airport, mostly used by business commuters, was the target of what Extinction Rebellion activists call a “Hong Kong style” demonstration designed to shut the place down last week.

Other protesters glued themselves to fixtures inside the airport, BBC also reported.

Another protester caused a two-hour delay on an Aer Lingus flight when he refused to take his seat.

After the plane had taxied back to the gate, the man was removed and presumably arrested. Overall, approximately 50 activists were arrested at the airport on Thursday, 29 of whom had been charged.

I’m starting to wonder if these whackamoles call themselves “Extinction Rebellion” because they’re going to kill themselves off with idiotic stunts like this. Clever.


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