Check Out Speaker Pelosi’s Reaction When ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant Breaks Out During Her Speech

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech, which she was giving outside in San Francisco on Monday,  was interrupted when an anti-Biden heckler started chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon,” and “U-S-A.”

For those who might be a bit out of the loop, the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is a viral saying that not only is a PG-rated version of “F*** Joe Biden,” but also serves as a slam against the medias as well.

Earlier this year, right after a NASCAR race, an NBC reporter claimed that fans at the event were cheering for race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

That was definitely one of the most cringe moments in the media this year.

via Daily Wire:

Fox News reported that “Pelosi seemed to be taken aback for a moment but did not acknowledge the remark, according to the clip viewed by Fox News. Her office did not immediately respond to an after-hours email.”

“Pelosi’s press conference with Mayor London Breed and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Calif., came on the heels of Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement Sunday that he will oppose Biden’s social spending bill,” the Fox report stated. “The speaker promised to try and revive Biden’s Build Back Better plan and said in a statement that she is ‘hopeful that we will soon reach an agreement so that this vital legislation can pass as soon as possible next year.’”

Beloved host and advocate for blue-collar workers Mike Rowe explained earlier this month that the chant is much larger than President Biden.

“The times that we’re living in right now are forcing lots of people on both sides of the aisle to look at a thing, or hear a thing, and be told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not real,” Rowe explained. “And you can’t do that to people indefinitely and expect them not to push back somehow. You can’t tell people that the border is secure and then show them images of tens of thousands of people flooding over it. You can’t tell people that the evacuation of Afghanistan was a success and then show them people falling off of a plane. … And you can’t ask people who are watching a NASCAR race at home, who clearly hear the crowd yelling ‘F*** Joe Biden’ to pretend that what they’re really hearing is ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’”

“I think what’s happened is people have just become sick and tired of being told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not what they’re seeing and hearing,” he stressed.

“And this is the perfect trope,” Rowe remarked. “I don’t think people who yell it are necessarily enemies of the president. I think they’re enemies of being told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing isn’t real, that it’s somehow a figment of their imagination. People are sick of that.”