CHECK IT OUT: Cruz Shreds Senators Trying To Regulate Cryptocurrency Without First Understanding It

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz came out both barrels blazing against fellow senators for trying to slap some heavy regulations on cryptocurrency despite the fact they don’t really have a solid grasp on how it works.

The new $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has a provision in it that will amend the Internal Revenue Code by introducing a “return requirement for certain transfers of digital assets not otherwise subject to reporting.”

This provision will have a negative impact on cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, bitcoin, and dogecoin.

via Daily Wire:

Many found the term “broker” as defined by the provision to be ambiguous, raising questions about the infrastructure bill’s effects upon the nascent industry. On Monday, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), Sen. Cynthia Loomis (R-WY), and other lawmakers introduced an amendment that would alter the definition of “broker” so that software developers and transaction validators would not be subject to the new requirements.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blocked the amendment after Toomey brought it up for unanimous consent, thereby preserving the original cryptocurrency provision.

Cruz expressed concern that the infrastructure bill would now have unknown consequences for the digital asset ecosystem.

“Because the Senator from Vermont raised that objection, the status quo right now is these new regulations are going into effect, and billions of dollars of value are going to be destroyed,” Ted Cruz went on to say. “Regulatory uncertainty is the number-one barrier to blockchain adoption… It would force every single participant in the cryptocurrency structure to operate as a financial institution, which would mean they would have to provide consumer information to the IRS even if they don’t have access to the information.”

“Let’s recognize if we gathered all 100 Senators in this chamber and asked them to stand up and articulate two sentences defining what in the hell a cryptocurrency is, that you would not get greater than five who could answer that question,” he continued. “Given that reality, the barest exercise of prudence would say we shouldn’t regulate something we don’t yet understand; we should actually take the time to try and understand it.”

Just imagine what other horrors are in this 2,700 page monster. You know they make these things so ridiculously large because they want to try sneaking things in, knowing people don’t have the time to read the whole bill. It’s a pretty slimy trick, don’t you agree?