CBS Interviewer Slams Texas AG For Saying ‘Thoughts and Prayers,’ Check Out His Response

A gunman opened fire early on Friday morning at Santa Fe High School, where eight to ten people were murdered in cold blood, a harrowing awful event that, as per usual, brought out the deplorable anti-gun crowd in droves.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a gun rights advocate, was attacked by a CBS interviewer for saying his “thoughts and prayers” were with the victims and their families.

His response is fantastic.

The interviewer stated, “You tweeted out that your thoughts and prayers were with the victims, and just sort of being online, you’re getting a lot of reaction for that. You know, thoughts and prayers, we hear that every time there’s a shooting, And you have been a gun rights advocate; you’ve supported carrying guns on university campuses, even churches. How do you respond to people saying ‘Something’s gotta be done? Our children need to be safe, in of all places, their schools.’”

Paxton refused to buy into the idea of some gun control advocates that guns should be outlawed, saying, “Well, I couldn’t agree more; it’s the method of doing that that there may be some disagreement on. People like this are not going to follow gun regulations; law-abiding citizens will. And so disarming law-abiding citizens doesn’t actually protect our children; it puts them at a greater risk.”

Then Paxton continued by pointing out, “The more we regulate, the more time we lose and the more people we’re going to lose. So I would prefer to have people in place to protect our children, not leave it open for somebody who’s not going to follow a gun law to come in and kill as many children as they want to.”

Couldn’t have been a better response to this nonsense than what Paxton said in his statement.

The phrase “thoughts and prayers” is not empty, like most liberals — who happen to be somewhat on the godless side — seem to think it is. It’s letting folks know you are there for them, that while so much of this is out of the hands of mere mortals, the one thing we can do is lift you up to a good and gracious God.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that sentiment.

If liberals are genuinely serious about keeping kids safe, they need to stop with the gun control nonsense as it clearly doesn’t work, and get those armed guards inside every school right now.

Source: The Daily Wire