Because you are literally not even allowed to hold your own personal convictions regarding the definition of marriage, lest you upset the cult of progressive sexuality. Except, you know, Chick-fil-A has not only withstood but thrived in spite of leftist boycotting ever since Cathy's 2012 remarks. 
Ain't nobody banning flavored cigarettes or cigars any time soon, so what's the fuss really about?
So, basically he's describing every futuristic dystopian metropolis. Thrilling.
The idea of normalizing the consumption of human flesh, for now, is confined to dark, sinister corners of the world, possibly a few remote indigenous tribes, probably some old writings by Beto O'Rourke, and an international summit discussing, among other things, potential food sources after climate change and overpopulation ravages the earth and she stops bringing forth ribeyes and donuts.
By all indications, Gabbard appears to be the sanest of the 2020 Democrat offerings and, as such, the best equipped to take on President Trump. Thankfully, the DNC is muscling her out in favor of a bunch of maniacs whose clear insanity makes them unsupportable to anyone intelligent enough to drive themselves to a voting station.
Considering he's been more successful as an author than a politician, why on earth we ever got saddled with a guy like him is a perfectly valid question.

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