“I suggest Bernie Sanders take a week and go to Venezuela without bodyguards and go to the street and speak with a cellphone and see what is going on with Bernie Sanders," he continued, hinting at Venezuelan pickpockets who go for cell phones nowadays because their soaring hyperinflation has led to the virtual disappearance of cash.
The fundamental concept of being paid for one's work is the driving force behind any healthy economy, and the Democrats are playing Jenga with it.
"Apparently you're not allowed to dress as Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, or Martin Short, which is the real tragedy here."
“I agree that anti-discrimination law ought to be applied to all institutions, but the idea you are going to strip churches of their tax-exempt status if they have not found their way toward blessing same-sex marriage, I’m not sure he understands the implications of what he’s saying.”
In the scene, which even this Quentin Tarantino fan had a hard time watching, Colin Firth's character utterly massacres up to 40 churchgoers who end up as collateral damage when Samuel L. Jackson's villain character remotely controls their phones to emit a frequency (or something) that causes them to become violent. Ridiculously contrived plot details aside, the scene, set to the guitar solo from Free Bird, glorifies a church massacre.
Are they called "Extinction Rebellion" because they're going to kill themselves off with idiotic stunts like this?

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