I stand here before you a shocked, broken writer, unable to give adequate comment on this unmitigated insanity. I have no words for this. Well, none that I can afford to pay the swear jar for.
We're living very strange times these days, and nothing makes that more clear than what happened during the opening of a state government meeting in Alaska, where things were kicked off with a "Hail Satan" prayer. A member of the...
The Supreme Court has ruled against a constitutional challenge made by angry atheists over a cross-shaped war memorial located in the state of Maryland, saying it does not violate the First Amendment. You can almost hear all of the "God...
If there's a God, that means He runs the show, and people don't tend to like that too much.
In just a matter of minutes, these young people go from "it's a woman's right to choose," to "I definitely changed my mind about abortion."

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