California Ethnic Studies Advisor Tells Teacher To Be ‘Extra Careful’ About Letting Parents See ‘What Materials Are Being Used’

The Santa Clara County Office of Education recently put on an ethnic studies training event where the presenter spoke to teachers and told them to be “extra careful” about parents getting an eyeful of the material being used to teach kids.

Folks, this is more proof that public schools are nothing more than indoctrination camps for your children where they are churned out like some weird sort of Manchurian candidate loyal only to the state.

via Daily Wire:

In November, Santa Clara County in California held a training designed to explore the district’s newfound “ethnic studies” initiatives. According to slides posted by City Journal contributor Christopher Rufo, the presentation began with a “land acknowledgment.” Land acknowledgments are admissions that teaching is taking place on land that was conquered by Americans, though once belonged to Native Americans.

Part of the presentation examined the alleged “roots of settler colonialism.” The presenter, Jorge Pacheco, who is also an advisor for the state’s ethnic studies curriculum, blamed colonialism on oppressive white males who allegedly used “genocide, private property, God/religion, classism, patriarchy, and white supremacy” to create the United States.

The presentation also encouraged teachers to “infer the imperialist motives” of Christopher Columbus to disparage America writ large.

In Pacheco’s presentation, he stated that strict guidelines and expectations were considered “barriers” to ethnic studies. He then went on to encourage the teachers attending to be cautious about what they said in virtual classrooms as parents of children are also considered barriers.

Barriers to what?

Indoctrination. That’s what.

“[We] have to be extra careful about what is being said, since we can’t just say something controversial now that we’re in people’s homes. Parents can take out of context or see what materials are being used so need to be careful of what they see,” Pacheco had written.

Pacheco also pushed rather hard for ethnic studies to be used as a tool to carry out their indoctrination with the final goal in mind of transforming children into loyal statists who will then become activists.

“The kids become a subject and you are intending to awaken them to the oppression that they aren’t aware of but that they are actively participating in,” Pacheco stated. “Then how to lead to social change.”

This is what kids are learning in public school. Marxists are indoctrinating your children with messages, bombarding them over and over again, you’re going to start believing it.

It’s time to fight against government influence in the realm of the education and return control back to parents and local communities.