Bye Bye ESPN! Racist Twitter Rants and Political Narratives are Guaranteeing Your Demise


ESPN has been steadily driving itself off of a cliff. Pulling moronic stunts like removing college football play by play announcer Robert Lee from a game because he shares a name with the Confederate general have not helped.

The network has actually encouraged their personalities to be political in their commentary, and Jemele Hill, who is a co-host of the 6pm SportsCenter, appears to have taken this encouragement seriously when she called President Donald Trump “a white supremacist” Monday night on Twitter.

ESPN recently fired 100 employees because of their spiraling ratings that is blamed largely on putting an emphasis on politics over sportscasting. This latest event, as you’ll see below, is not going to help.

Does anyone else ever find it odd that Donald Trump was never accused of being a white supremacist before he became a front running candidate and then president? Even the country’s biggest race baiters have historically never called him that. But please Ms Hill carry on with your “facts.”

Answer this: What kind of privilege is Hill enjoying in America seeing as how she can openly belittle another race without any fear of repercussions? She’s so oppressed. (Enjoy my sarcasm!)

Also America, we are supposed to feel the pain of Jemele Hill whose current net worth is estimated at $4 million. White privilege has really threatened her and held her down! Jeez.

Without any proof of her claims Hill is parroting the same leftist, liberal nonsense that’s being fed to her without evidence.

I guess we are to assume that appointing Dr Ben Carson to be United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development or appointing Dr Jerome Adams as the nation’s 20th surgeon general is the work of a white supremacist. At the time of this writing neither of those African-American men are white supremacists either. I guess anything could change.  Doubtful.

Sorry to inform you but he IS president. He’s also YOUR president. And maybe simmer down on the “if he were not white” stuff. Have you forgotten who spent the last 8 years residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? He wasn’t white. How’d he get elected?

Oh…we all know who you care about Jemele.

Hill needed to reach back to 1989 to find Trump’s statement about violent criminals and the penalties they should face. And although the Central Park 5 were eventually exonerated of the rape charges and their confessions were later deemed coerced, Hill, along with many others assume Trump’s statement was inspired by the color of their skin.

She quickly forgets the Tawana Brawley case in which Al Sharpton and his cronies claimed in 1987 that she was raped by white men and her body was marked with racial slurs. She made that story up, and Sharpton led his racist revolt based on lies. But I suppose that’s ok in the mind of people that think like leftist race baiters. They also think it’s ok when a white man is tortured and murdered on the streets of Benghazi. The hypocrisy runs deep yet again.

Obviously Jemele Hill can see the proverbial writing on the wall. ESPN is in the tank and so is her sports reporting career. This twitter diatribe is yet another attempt to stay relevant by using hate as a weapon.