Brown University Students Vote In Favor Of Giving Reparations To Descendants Of Slaves Associated With School

Students who attend Brown University have overwhelmingly voted in favor of giving reparations to the descendants of slaves who were associated with the school and its founders.

A new report from the College Fix revealed that students held a vote last week and showed up in force to throw their support behind the referendum which included two questions.If the school should make “all possible efforts to identify the descendants of enslaved Africans who were entangled with and/or afflicted by the University and Brown family and their associates” and if those individuals should be given reparations.

via Daily Wire:

“The first question passed with 89 percent approval and the second passed with 85 percent approval,” the Fix reported. “Of the 7,000 undergraduate students at Brown, 2,000 cast ballots in the reparations referendum.”

The student vote doesn’t mean reparations will be immediately adopted, however. The referendum was merely a recommendation that will now go to Brown administrators to decide whether or not to provide reparations (and a likely corresponding increase in tuition). More from the Fix:

resolution passed by the Undergraduate Council of Students on February 24 suggested the reparations would come in the form of preferential admissions for the descendants of slaves associated with the school and its founders, as well as scholarships and direct payments to those individuals.

The resolution also called on the university to look into providing the same kind of benefits to “Native American groups indigenous to the land Brown occupies such as the Narragansett.”

“The outlet further reported that the first black president of an Ivy League university, Brown President Ruth Simmons, in 2003 formed a Committee on Slavery and Justice to study the school’s connection to past slavery. In 2006, that committee issued a report that came very close to calling for reparations. Simmons at the time said reparations would not come after the report was issued,” The DW reported.

This school is now considered to be one of the most “woke” in the country. So yeah, it’s not surprising they reached this point.

Look, if our current generation were responsible for such horrendous crimes against humanity, that would be a different story. But this is making those not responsible for this evil take the punishment for something they had nothing to do with.

That is morally reprehensible.