Broward County Deputies Just Made it Very Clear How They Feel About Sheriff Scott Israel

Sheriff Scott Israel is a disgrace to the establishment of law enforcement. If there is any one person you could blame beyond the monster who took 17 lives on February 14th in Parkland, Florida, it just might be Sheriff Israel himself, whose office’s handling of the shooting and the degree of negligence can barely be described with the word “negligent”.

Apparently, his deputies feel the same, as they just expressed an overwhelming lack of confidence in their Sheriff through a vote cast by their union, citing a “laundry list” of grievances including crushed morale following the response to the horrific Parkland shooting.

A stunning 85% of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, a chapter of the International Union of Police Associations, cast their “no confidence” votes this week in a move that could ultimately–and hopefully!–result in the removal of Sheriff Israel from his elected position.

“He fails to listen to the people, he fails to listen to the leadership,” said Jeff Bell, president of the Deputies Association, according to the Sun-Sentinel. “Amazing leadership starts from the top, and there is no amazing leadership here. We are a ship out at sea with no power — adrift.”

The Deputies Association plans to present the vote to FL Gov. Rick Scott to urge him to remove Israel from office.

Israel is a man who stood before the nation and bashed Dana Loesch and the NRA for the tragic Parkland shooting while fully aware his office had repeatedly ignored criminal acts committed by the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, due to his participation in the Obama-era PROMISE Program that overlooked even felony offenses that would, had he been prosecuted, have prevented Cruz from being legally able to purchase a firearm.

So it came as no surprise that he dismissed the vote as “inconsequential”, writing it off as an attempt on the part of the Deputies Association to get a raise. Talk about deflection!

“I am accountable to the citizens of Broward County. My job is to continue to do the job I was elected to do, which is to ensure the safety of Broward County’s 1.9 million residents,” he said in a prepared statement after the results of the vote were in. “I will not be distracted from my duties by this inconsequential … union vote, which was designed to extort a 6.5 percent pay raise from this agency.

“Those who purportedly voted in this straw ballot reflect only a small number of the 5,400 employees. The unions representing the vast majority of our employees solidly support the leadership of this agency.”

Bell minced no words in his refutation of Israel’s outrageous response: Bell said: “The sheriff is a complete liar, capital letters on that. This has never been about a contract.”

“Bell said Israel has refused to take responsibility, personally or as the leader of the agency, for the failures at the scene of the worst school shooting since Sandy Hook,” the Sun-Sentinel adds.

“It’s always everybody else’s fault besides the sheriff,” Bell said.

If Sheriff Israel can waste no time blaming everyone but his own department for the direct relationship between a criminal who was not held accountable for his crimes, he should absolutely be held under the microscope and removed from office if he is truly as corrupt as he appears to be! Because at this point, he might quite literally be getting away with murder.