British Police Brag About Taking Rusty Spoons And Kitchen Implements Off The Mean Streets In “Weapons Sweep”

While I feel deeply and truly sorry for the Britons denied the right to adequate self-defense, I can’t help but mock the asinine practices of their gun-grabbing government and its apologists.

Well, the gun-grabbing bit is long gone after England’s 1996 handgun ban. They’ve moved onward and upward to knife-grabbing, now.

In the years since Britannia’s gun ban, knife crime has risen to crisis levels because, as any rational person can deduce, criminal intent will not be deterred by the unavailability of firearms.

Take away handguns and heavily regulate long guns? Violent criminals will use knives. Take away knives? Violent criminals will use…spoons? Honing steels? Fencing rapiers? Wait, what?

Yes, that’s exactly what a certain thrift store worker had in mind when they called the Regents Park to come and safely dispose of what appear to be the contents of someone’s kitchen junk drawer:

How diligent, indeed!

Seriously, should everyone be turning in their silverware drawers to the police now?

Apparently you’ve never seen what happens at a barbecue when desperate folks get down to the last scoop of macaroni salad. This is serious business, sir. Lives are at risk.

Amen, brother.

Oh my word, almost spilled my coffee after that one.

Here’s hoping that last tweet isn’t prophetic!

Seriously, folks. If the Clue boardgame has taught us anything, it’s that dang near anything can be used as a weapon.

In the endless pursuit of ridding the world of potential weapons, how many folks will lose their liberty and, just as importantly, their right to defend themselves against criminals who ignore the law?