BREAKING: Decision Desk HQ Declares Joe Biden Winner Of Election; Gives Him Pennsylvania

Decision Desk HQ has officially declared Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election after calling the state of Pennsylvania for him early Friday morning.

Here’s what Daily Wire is reporting on the decision:

Decision Desk HQ’s model now shows the Democratic candidate with a winning total, after Biden edged ahead of President Trump by around 5,000 votes Friday morning in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, with 2 percent of the vote still outstanding. The model projects Biden winning with 273 electoral votes, just over the 270 a presidential candidate needs to be declared the victor.

Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska are still uncalled in the model, and for most other outlets as well. Arizona has been called for Biden by Fox News and the Associated Press, though thousands of outstanding ballots remain to be counted and Trump is gaining on Biden in the state.

The Trump campaign has filed a series of lawsuits in battleground states, the latest of which was filed in Nevada alleging thousands of ballots were cast illegally. The legal battles will likely take some time to play out in the courts and it is unclear what impact, if any, they will have on the presidential election.

On Friday morning, Biden also surpassed Trump’s lead in the state of Georgia, though it hasn’t been called for either candidate as of the time of this writing. Biden’s lead is a fairly small one, only being 917 votes.

Another report from the Daily Wire says, “According to CBS Atlanta, with 100% of precincts reporting and the vast majority of the ballots counted in the state of Georgia, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has amassed 2,449, 377 votes, giving him a 917 vote lead over President Trump, who has amassed 2,448, 454 votes, Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen gathered 61,380 votes. Both Trump and Biden received 49.4% of the vote.”

At the end of the day, this is not the outcome we all wanted. And, to be fair, this isn’t over yet. There’s still lawsuits out there pending and a lot of investigation to be done in the coming months to ensure this is a fair election and that voter fraud did not contribute to this outcome.

If Biden is legitimately the president, we need to pray for our country, pray for him, and pray for healing between Americans of all walks of life.

And, we need to hold Biden accountable for his actions in the Oval Office and continue to stand boldly for the principles of freedom we value and hold so dear. The country made it clear they don’t want socialism, but a center-road approach. That’s good news.

We can now plan and prepare to win both houses of Congress in the midterms and hopefully create a lame duck president until 2024. Things aren’t all bad.