Brand New Polls Show Biden Approval At New Low Of 41%, While 76% Fear He’ll Let Taliban Capture American Citizens

It seems that the citizens of our great nation are quickly beginning to lose faith in President Joe Biden, as new polling reveals that his approval rating is sinking at record speed, as he continues to bumble and blabber his way through efforts to rescue Americans trapped in Afghanistan before the Taliban ultimately shut the door on Aug. 31.

But here’s the real kicker. Voters not only think Biden isn’t doing enough to rescue our citizens in the country, but a whopping 76 percent think that some folks will end up left behind and end up captured by the Taliban, which now controls Afghanistan, thanks to Biden’s botched troop withdrawal.

via Washington Examiner:

The latest Rasmussen Reports surveys should be a wake-up call to the White House, which has tried, with some media help, to project confidence while Americans in Kabul express fear over Biden’s slow-moving evacuation efforts.

The polling outfit said that 59% of likely voters “believe the Biden administration is not doing enough to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan.” Just 28% of respondents believe the administration is doing enough.

But much worse, Rasmussen said that “more than three-quarters of voters think it’s likely Americans in Afghanistan will become hostages.” The numbers: 76% said it is at least somewhat likely that Americans who remain in Afghanistan will be taken hostage by the Taliban, including 45% who said it is very likely. Just 14% of respondents don’t.

A poll put out by USA Today/Suffolk University found Biden’s approval rating below 41 percent, which is pretty darn bad.

The man should honestly resign from the presidency if any of our people gets captured by the Taliban. Many think he should already call it quits over the mess he’s made thus far.

Pray for our people stuck over there.