Brand New Poll Reveals What Voters REALLY Think About How Biden Has Handled Russia

A brand new poll from the folks over at Fox News, which was conducted just one day before Russia made the move to invade Ukraine, revealed that voters are deeply concerned about the situation festering between both countries, as 56 percent of those who responded to the survey stated that President Joe Biden has not been tough enough on Russia.

Only 8 percent of voters believe Biden’s response to Russia has been too harsh, while 29 percent felt the president was handling things perfectly. A pretty big chunk of Democrat voters, 42 percent, have joined in with 52 percent of independents and 72 percent of GOP voters in wanting to see Biden step up and crack down even harder on Russia.

via Newsmax:

Two-thirds replied that they are concerned about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Of those concerned, 35% said what happens in Ukraine matters significantly, and 42% said it matters somewhat to life in the United States.

Biden’s job approval rating on foreign policy stands at 38%, with 58% disapproving of his performance.

In overall approval, former President Donald Trump’s favorability comes in a tad higher than Biden’s at 45% versus the current president’s 43%. That’s a 4-point drop for Biden since the same poll last month. The president’s overall disapproval rating also reached a high of 56%.

The survey, which featured 1,001 registered voters, was done between the dates of Feb. 19-22, under the partnership of Beacon Research and Shaw & Co. Research. The total sample’s margin of error is plus orĀ  minus 3 percentage points.