Brand New Poll Reveals Less Than Half Think Biden Is ‘Mentally Sharp’

According to an I&I/TIPP poll put out on Monday, only 42 percent of individuals who were surveyed think that President Joe Biden is “mentally sharp,” which reveals that the idea of Biden suffering mental decline is becoming more and more widespread in the general public.

This information helps to understand why the president is losing critical support this year that helped him win the election last year, particularly from groups like independents, women, middle-income voters, and those who live in suburbs.

Here are a few more tidbits from the survey thanks to Newsmax:

  • Although 74% of Democrats say Biden is mentally sharp, only 13% of Republicans agree.
  • When independents are asked the question, only 34% say the president is mentally sharp, while 58% say he isn’t.
  • Among women, 40% say Biden is mentally sharp and 51% say he isn’t, which is worse than the result among men, 45% of whom say the president is sharp while 50% say he isn’t.
  • The president fares even worse among married women, of whom 36% think he is mentally sharp compared with 58% who say he isn’t.
  • Among those living in the suburbs, 43% say that the president is mentally sharp and 51% say he isn’t, while among those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 a year, the split is 37% to 58%.
  • The president did not fare well in the other questions in the poll either, with only 42% saying he is “energetic” and 47% stating that he is a “good communicator.”
  • Groups least likely to think Biden is “energetic” are those living in the South (38%), in rural areas (34%), making between $50,000 and 75,000 (34%), and married women (36%).
  • The poll found that the percentage who think Biden is a good communicator drops significantly to 37% among independents, 37% among those in rural areas, and 39% among married women.

Some other polls that have been conducted recently agree with the results from this one, which again, goes to show you that the gaffes, staring into space, and slurring responses he gives during a public appearance aren’t going unnoticed.

The president needs to immediately submit to a test of his cognitive abilities to see if he really is fit to discharge the duties of the office he occupies.