Boston U Puts On New Training, Immediately Gets Destroyed For It

The folks over at Boston University have been getting smashed, thrashed, and trashed for being hypocritical and violating its own free speech policies due to new mandatory Title IX training, which forces the staff who works at the school, along with other members of the faculty, to decide how to confront societal “microaggressions,” according to a new report from The Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday.

Faculty members who did not complete the training by providing answers that were demanded were then “not eligible for merit-based salary increases,” the school went on to say in an email. The school also stated that additional punishments were a possibility for those who continued in non-compliance.

Students who didn’t complete the training with the answers demanded would then be “blocked from registering next semester,” according to information on the university’s website.

via Newsmax:

The training includes several scenarios that include “bystander intervention,” meaning that onlookers must prevent potential harassment by inserting themselves into potentially inappropriate encounters.

In one example in the training, an Asian woman (Kim) is told (by Jessica) that her white husband is “good-looking” and that “half-Asian babies are the cutest.”

Students and faculty were then asked, “What should you do?” and forced to select “Intervene” to complete the training. The answer “Say nothing. Jessica is giving Kim a compliment, and, besides, Kim was smiling,” were deemed inaccurate.

The training explains that even though the woman “smiled” at the compliment, she still “might have felt uncomfortable” about comments relating to “her race, her husband’s appearance, or the prospect of having children” itself.

Aaron Terr of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) slammed the policy, telling The Washington Free Beacon that “BU makes clear commitments to free expression and academic freedom, and that includes the right to be free from compelled speech.”

Terr then stated that in order to complete the required training, both students and faculty members “must select the university’s preferred answers as their own, which is compelled speech and has no place at a university that promises its faculty expressive freedom.”

Terr stated that this goes way beyond the actual requirements of the law.

He stated that giving faculty and students a straightforward test on their legal obligations does not violate academic freedom. However, the BU training forces “them to express agreement with particular viewpoints,” does violate academic freedom policies.

“The training even implies that telling someone to stop checking their phone could be illegal discrimination or harassment. One question asks about the ‘best path forward’ when a classmate ‘keeps checking their phone’ while working on a group project,” Newsmax reported.

The “right” answer involves giving the classmate “the benefit of the doubt”; the wrong one involves telling them to “stop checking your phone — that’s rude.”

The training program goes on to explain that “microaggressions” are far more damaging to “employee well-being” than “overt harassment.”

Even Even “well-meaning people can still cause harm,” the module teaches, going on to say, “It’s important to separate someone’s intention from the impact of their actions.”

Wokeness is destroying our culture folks, from the very young to the very old.