Border Patrol Has Released A Whopping 30,000 Migrants Into The US Since January

Approximately around 30,000 people who have entered this country illegally by crossing the southern border and were taken into federal custody have now been released into the United States by Border Patrol since January, as facilities meant to detain migrants have reached extraordinary levels of overcapacity, according to a former top border official who worked under the Trump administration.

via Washington Examiner:

Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday that the releases have been directly from Border Patrol and that people were not transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where families can be held for up to 20 days. Morgan said he was given the information by officials at the agency.

“You’re not going to find that anywhere because they’re locking down the information,” Morgan said of the figures in a conversation following a roundtable discussion with lawmakers, ranchers, medical officials, and business leaders in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

CBP did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

And yet, our commander-in-chief still refuses to use the word “crisis” to describe the situation that is happening at the southern border. Nor is he taking personal responsibility for what’s happening down there, despite getting rid of Trump’s immigration policies and essentially inviting illegal immigrants to walk right over the border.

What a sorry excuse for a president we are stuck with.