Border Official Says 861 Criminal Migrants, Including 92 Sex Offenders, Have Been Taken Into Custody In Rio Grande Valley

A top border official stated on Saturday that well over 800 criminal migrants, which includes an insanely high number of sex offenders, were nabbed within the Rio Grande Valley located in Texas just this year.

You know, the year we’re only three months into right now? But according to the Biden administration there’s no immigration “crisis,” remember?

via Washington Examiner:

Brian Hastings, who oversees Border Patrol operations for the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, said his agency, in recent months, has arrested 861 illegal immigrants who were later found to have other criminal offenses, of whom 92 were sex offenders, and 63 had gang ties, he wrote in a tweet. The law enforcement official included a photograph of a Salvadoran man who was taken into custody with a prior conviction for murder.

In a subsequent post, Hastings said his agency recently encountered five large groups of illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley, wrangling a total of 539 individuals into custody. Ninety-three of the apprehended individuals were unaccompanied children, and Hastings added that 18,000 solo minors have been apprehended since the beginning of the fiscal year.

Hastings’s announcements follow a report from Customs and Border Protection that law enforcement throughout the country encountered upward of 100,000 attempted illegal crossings in February, compared to 78,000 who tried to do the same in January. Drug seizures also jumped 50% with unprecedented confiscations of methamphetamine and heroin.

Biden and the rest of his administration have refused to acknowledge the situation at the southern border, which is clearly their fault, seeing as how the president wasted no time in tossing out former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

On top of that, Biden has decided the best way to handle this situation is to simply pass the buck along to Vice President Kamala Harris. Because that’s what Democrats do best. Do something stupid that makes a huge mess and hand it off to someone else to clean up.

Biden’s policies are clearly putting American citizens in danger. It’s time for him to take action and implement strict policies about immigration and protect the people.