Bloomberg Spends Big Bucks On Last-Minute Biden Ads In Ohio And Texas

Failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, the same guy who blew a fortune on his campaign that went absolutely nowhere — that’s what happens when you think you can buy off the American people — is now funneling a ton of dough into buying political ads for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in key GOP strongholds like Ohio and Texas.

How much is the billionaire shelling out for these ads? Try $15 million. And believe it or not, that’s only a fraction of what he’s forking out for the former vice president in Florida. The reason for the focus on Ohio and Florida? Polling information says Biden is vulnerable in both states.

via Daily Wire:

“Howard Wolfson, one of Mr. Bloomberg’s closest aides, said the former mayor had recently asked his team to run a round of polls to see whether Mr. Trump had unexpected vulnerabilities that could be exploited in the campaign’s closing weeks. Up to this point, Mr. Bloomberg’s general-election activities have focused on Florida, where he has pledged to spend $100 million supporting Mr. Biden,” the outlet reported. “The Bloomberg team conducted polling in a number of states over the weekend and came away convinced that Texas and Ohio represented its best targets — narrowly divided electoral prizes where the war for television airtime is not already cluttered with heavy advertising on either side. The team presented Mr. Bloomberg with the numbers on Monday morning and he gave the go-ahead.”

“We believe that Florida will go down to the wire, and we were looking for additional opportunities to expand the map,” Wolfson told the outlet. “Texas and Ohio present the best opportunities to do that, in our view.”

Bloomberg plans to focus on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic when purchasing television ads in Ohio and Texas. In Texas, Spanish-language ads will run.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a constant source of attack for Biden against Trump, though he’s never really spoken about what he would have done differently had he been in the White House when all of this happened.