Black Lives Matter Foundation Pulled In A Staggering $90M Last Year

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation says they raised more than $90 million in 2020, a year that was totally rocked by violent protests, looting, and rioting carried out by many individuals who are part of the movement, supposedly doing their part to fight against racial inequality and police brutality.

A report that was released earlier this week also states that the foundation had $8.4 million in expenses last year, along with plans to supposedly share $21.7 million in grants to a variety of left-wing activist groups, along with spreading the wealth to a few local BLM chapters.

via The Washington Examiner:

Patrisse Cullors, the executive director of the BLM Global Network Foundation and a self-described Marxist who formed the BLM national organization with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, claimed in a new letter this week that “in July, we paused — for a moment — as we were inundated with a surge of interest, attention, and allies.” She said that “our network of almost twenty chapters at the time came together to ideate something different; an entity and structure that could remain true to the grassroots origins of #BlackLivesMatter.” Garza currently runs the Black Futures Lab and Tometi- founded Diaspora Rising.

Cullors said the BLM Global Network Foundation “has decided to fully lean into its capacity as a fundraising body, grantmaking entity, amplifier, and action-oriented think tank of the movement.” She said BLM Grassroots would be the “sister organization” and would be comprised of BLM’s local chapters. Cullors also noted the creation of the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee in October and said that “the BLM PAC now has two elections under its belt: the 2020 general election and the 2021 Georgia special Senate runoff.” She promised that “politically, we are just getting started.”

The BLM “2020 Impact Report” said the group raised over $90 million last year and claimed that the average donation through its main fundraising platform (ActBlue) was $30.64, with more than 10% donations recurring. The group said that it was “a record-breaking year.” BLM saw massive growth following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody. Jury selection in that murder trial begins in March.

“Our plans, strategies and infrastructure had to catch up to the speed of funding that suddenly increased exponentially in several months,” the BLM report stated. “Now, we are suddenly at liberty to do #SoMuchMore than we had ever imagined.”

Guess the battle against racial injustice is a lucrative endeavor, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t recall Martin Luther King, Jr. ever getting rich over the whole fight for equality deal in the 1960s. Any other Civil Rights leader make a killing off fighting against actual racial oppression?

Funny how these folks are just complete and total crooks. Well, not funny, but you get what I mean.