Biden’s First Set of Executive Orders Obliterate Trump’s Immigration SCOTUS Wins

President Joe Biden’s first set of executive orders are set to wipe out a series of Trump-era immigration victories at the Supreme Court, supposedly aimed at “undoing the gravest damages of the Trump administration.”

Early on Wednesday morning, the president announced that he was putting out 17 orders that he will be signing just mere hours after taking office. Amongst these are reversals of former President Trump’s climate policies, some stuff dealing with immigration, his coronavirus response, and his policies on sexual orientation.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

Biden will sign an order undoing Trump’s exclusion of noncitizens from the census and the apportionment of congressional representatives. Trump in July ordered that illegal immigrants be excluded from the counts used in congressional redistricting, a move that earned him a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union as it called the move unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court in December ruled that it could not decide on the ACLU’s case, finding that it was too early to tell if the Trump administration’s plan would break the law. The decision was widely seen as a victory for Trump since the court declined to intervene against his orders. At the time, ACLU Voting Rights Project Dale Ho promised to take Trump back to court if the administration attempted to implement its census policy.

The Trump administration’s apportionment push, however, collapsed this weekend when the Census Bureau announced that it would not attempt to execute Trump’s orders before he left office. Trump’s census director Steve Dillingham resigned on Wednesday ahead of the Biden changes. His term was set to expire at the end of this year.

Biden’s also planning to take action that will reverse the former president’s 2017 “Muslim ban,” which is a motion the Supreme Court actually upheld back in 2018 with a 5-4 vote.

Folks, if that doesn’t prove to you that President Biden doesn’t give a flip about our national security, just give it time. We’re sure he’ll provide you with a lot more evidence. This is only his first day on the job.

Heck, with his mental degradation, we’ll be lucky if he can find the bathroom today, let alone stay busy trying to find new and creative ways to destroy our country.

Just kidding.

Destroying our country is so deeply ingrained in Biden’s DNA that even if he were in a coma he’d still find a way to trample all over Lady Liberty’s sandals.

According to the Biden administration, the ban was a “policy rooted in religious animus and xenophobia.”

Welp. Things are just starting up. Can’t wait to see where we are after the first 100 days.