Biden’s Approval Ratings Average Plummets To A New Low

President Joe Biden’s approval rating average in polls conducted by analyst FiveThirtyEight has hit an all-time low of 43.3 percent.

The president’s average approval has been steadily dropping since mid-March, which is where it peaked at 55 percent. It then fell through the floor to 43.3 percent, which is the largest net unfavorable rating in the first 10 months of his time in the White House.

“Biden has a majority of disapproval now at 50.6% on average, when it was at a low of 36% when he first took office. His disapproval average has steadily risen since,” a report from Newsmax says.

Here’s more from the story:

The biggest switch on the administration came in August, which was the height of the Afghanistan evacuation coupled with surging coronavirus case numbers and deaths.

The off-year bellwether gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey are underway before November’s election in two states run by Democrats, but if either Republican can eke out a victory, it would be a referendum on the struggles of the Biden administration and put Democrats’ narrow margins in the House and Senate at risk in 2022.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are a dead heat at 48% support apiece with just a week to go, according to a Cygnal survey released Sunday.

“We got to get Democrats out to vote,” McAuliffe​, who served as the governor from 2014 to 2018,​ went on to say according to a new report published by New York Post. “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington.”

“As you know, the president is unpopular today, unfortunately, here in Virginia,” McAuliffe added. “So we have got to plow through.”

And yet, there are folks on the left who are still pushing the narrative that President Joe Biden is the most popular commander-in-chief in many years, which clearly is not the case.

Strange, right?