Biden’s Approval Rating ‘Sinks Like The Titanic’ Down To 36%

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are continuing on a death spiral and it doesn’t seem like they will ever truly hit the bottom as the plunge continues. Most of this is because the president has done such a poor job of managing the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the border crisis, and the fact that store shelves might be empty this Christmas.

Oh, and let’s not forget the 13-year high in inflation too.

According to a new Zogby Poll that was recently sent to Secrets, Biden, a first-year president, has hit another job performance low of 36.4 percent.

That’s terrible. Horrendous. Whoever thinks this man is the most popular president in the history of our country is crazy or a liar.

“Our latest polling shows President Biden with a 36% positive job performance rating (excellent-15% and good-21% combined), while his negative rating is 61% (fair-19% and poor-42% combined),” pollster Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics went on to tell the folks over at The Washington Examiner.

via Washington Examiner:

Worst of all, women are abandoning the president, followed by independents — voters critical to helping lobby for his $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending plan and $1.2 trillion infrastructure program.

“Women voters are abandoning ship. Biden needs to improve his polling numbers with women or Democratic leaders risk losing the 2022 midterm election,” Zogby stated concerning the data.

Zogby said that the problem for Biden is that he appears unable to get his agenda through Congress as the economy is sinking and other critical issues, such as the border crisis, crash in.

“Voters can’t help but wonder why the Biden administration keeps sweeping these issues under the rug and declaring them ‘transitory.’ Democratic leaders cannot even come to consensus within their own ranks,” Zogby then said in his analysis of the information.

“Without the passage of the ‘Build Back Better Act,’ or a solid infrastructure bill, and the potential default of the U.S. debt on the horizon, is it any surprise Biden’s presidency is sinking like the Titanic? Biden’s failure to reach vaccination goals and his executive vaccine mandates have also not helped his cause,” Zogby then added.

There’s even worse news for Biden. If he were to go toe-to-toe with former President Donald Trump today, he’d lose. Other polls reveal that many Biden voters are now having “remorse” over casting a ballot for him.