Biden Weighs In On George Floyd Case, Says Systemic Racism Is A ‘Stain” On America’s Soul

President Joe Biden speaks during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.

President Joe Biden has weighed in on the George Floyd case following the guilty verdict of former police officer Derek Chauvin, saying that system racism is a “stain on our nation’s soul.”

“Today, a jury in Minnesota found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May,” the president said. “It was a murder in full light of day and it ripped the blinders was off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the vice president just referred to. There’s systemic racism that’s a stain on our nation’s soul.”

Biden then stated that the guilty verdict for Chauvin is “a step forward.”

“I also spoke with George Floyd’s family again, a remarkable family of extraordinary courage. Nothing can ever bring their brother, their father back. But this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in America,” Biden went on to say. “Let’s also be clear, as such a verdict is also much too rare. For so many people, it seems like it took a unique and extraordinary convergence of factors, a brave young woman with a smartphone camera, a crowd that was traumatized, traumatized witnesses, a murder that lasts almost 10 minutes in broad daylight for the whole world to see.”

The problem with the comment is that systemic racism isn’t really a thing. Not anymore. Sure, America used to be like that at one time and that is a shameful bit of our history. But guess what? We improved. We grew. We learned.

And most importantly, we took action to fix the situation and move on.

Unfortunately, the left has found a way to create the narrative that none of that progress mattered and has put us back decades, utilizing racial division as a tool for pushing Marxism.