Biden Says He Wants To Bring Back The ‘Talking Filibuster’

President Joe Biden has stated that he is in full support of changing the filibuster in the Senate to the pre-1970 rules where senators had to hold the floor for hours in order to prevent a vote on controversial pieces of legislation.

Biden recently sat down for an interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos Tuesday evening in Pennsylvania.

via Daily Wire:

During the interview, Stephanopoulos asked Biden if he supported changing or eliminating the filibuster rule in the Senate in order to get his agenda passed. The rules governing the Senate are set by the body and the president has no direct power to change the rules. Democrats on Capitol Hill have voiced support for scrapping the filibuster, which effectively blocks most legislation except that with wide bipartisan support, in order to advance Biden’s agenda.

“Aren’t you going to have to choose between preserving the filibuster and advancing your agenda?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Biden replied, “Yes, but here’s the choice. I don’t think you have to eliminate the filibuster, you have to do it what it used to be when I first got to the Senate, and that is in a filibuster, you had to stand up and command the floor. Once you stopped talking, you’ve lost that and someone could come in and say, ‘I move the question of-.’ So you got to work for the filibuster.”

Stephanopoulos then asked, “So you’re for that reform, you’re for bringing back the talking filibuster?”

Biden responded by saying, “I am. That’s what it was supposed to be.”

Stephanopoulos responded, “Just put a hold on it, that’s it.”

“Yeah, it’s almost getting to the point where democracy is having a hard time functioning. I’m not saying this is going to be easy, George, but I do believe there’s enough Republicans over time …” Biden said.

“They haven’t had that epiphany you said they were going to see during the campaign,” Stephanopoulos added.

“Oh no, well, I’ve only been here six weeks, pal. Okay? Give me a break,” Biden said.

Notice that attitude Biden had at the end? The man really can’t handle folks putting a little pressure on him to do what he said he was going to do. Anytime someone in the media gives even the slightest pushback, he cops an attitude.

He’s a cranky old dude. That’s what kind of person is now sitting in the White House. This man is clearly not leadership material.