Biden Promises To Jack Up Taxes For Folks Making Over $400,000 A Year

Former Vice President Joe Biden has promised that if he wins the White House come November, he’s going to do exactly what you’d expect a big government socialist to do: raise taxes on the “rich.”

Biden said that if he cinches a victory in the election he will raise taxes on those who make more than $400,000 a year. You know, because they make too much money and so they need to spread the wealth around, just like his good buddy Obama said way back in the day.

The comment was made during an interview with David Muir that aired Sunday evening on ABC.

Here’s more on this from Fox News:

“I will raise taxes for anybody making over $400,000,” Biden said. “Let me tell you why I’m going to do it. It’s about time they start paying a fair share of the economic responsibility we have. The very wealthy should pay a fair share — corporations should pay a fair share.”

Biden referred to businesses that take in “close to a trillion dollars and pay no tax at all.”

After saying this, Muir questioned the wisdom of burdening businesses with new taxes while the economy needs to recover from the coronavirus crisis.

Biden answered by saying, “It’s smart to tax businesses that in fact are making excessive amounts of money and paying no taxes.”

Well, that’s a pretty horrible answer. It sounds like something that would come out of the mouth of a third-grader who was parroting talking points overheard between his parents during supper instead of a well-thought out idea that was rigorously tested mentally speaking.

Later on, Biden said that there wouldn’t be any additional taxes for businesses and individuals who made $400,000 or less.

The problem here is who in the world gets to determine what amount of money is “excessive” and why are they allowed to create that standard?

Since when is taking care of people at gun point, which is essentially what happens with severe taxation and wealth redistribution, an acceptable and moral means by which to provide support for those who are not well off financially?

That is theft.