Biden Press Secretary Appears To Duck Question About Whether Or Not Biden Uses Teleprompter During Q&A

TJ Ducklo, press secretary for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, was none too happy with Fox News host Bret Baier when the “Special Report” anchor asked him if Biden used a teleprompter during interviews or question and answer sessions. Ducklo soon accused Fox News of being partisan and attempting to aid President Trump’s reelection campaign.

You know when you ask someone a question and they don’t answer, but the fact that they don’t give an answer is sort of an answer?

Yeah. That’s this.

via Washington Examiner:

“This is straight from the Trump campaign talking points,” Ducklo said in response to Baier’s question, who responded that the campaign has been using that point as an attack on Biden.

“They’re using it. They talk about it every day. Can you say yes or no?” Baier asked.

“They talk about it every day because they don’t have a coherent argument for why Donald Trump deserves reelection, deserves four more years,” Ducklo said. “We know that he lied to the American people. We know that he has not shown leadership during this crisis, and they are desperate to throw anything they can against the wall to try to distract from that fact.”

Ducklo refused to answer the question two more times and avoided the prompting of Baier before moving on and accusing the news network of backing Trump and acting as a middle man to deliver this question to the Biden campaign.

“I’m not going to allow the Trump campaign to funnel their questions through Fox News and get me to respond to that,” the press secretary said.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Joe Biden’s mental faculties have been compromised due to dementia or other issues, leading some to believe he is not able to discharge the duties of the office of President of the United States.

It’s a valid concern. Any man answering questions with incomprehensible word salads and rambling the way Biden has over the last year or so needs to be evaluated by medical professionals with the results presented to voters.

We deserve to know if he’s able to perform the duties of the office should he beat Trump in November.