Biden Now Considering Mandatory Coronavirus Tests For Domestic Air Travel

President Joe Biden’s administration is considering a mandatory COVID-19 test for all travelers boarding domestic flights in the United States, one of the many measures he’s implementing to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Marty Cetron, the director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the Centrs for Disease Control and Prevention, recently spoke with reporters where he stated that the Biden administration is “actively looking” into imposing this test requirement.

“We also have to look at the possible planning in domestic travel,” Cetron stated. “We’re actively looking at it. We realize that there’s been a dramatic evolution and increase in both testing platforms and testing capacity.”

via Fox News:

Cetron said the conversation on the matter is “ongoing” as they work to determine the type of testing and where it would take place.

No further details were released on the potential mandate. Nonetheless, it is a “really important part” in combating the pandemic, he said.

Representatives for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not immediately responded to Fox News’ request for comment.

As if the TSA doing an x-ray on your naughty bits for the world to see or jamming their hand in your crotch for a pat down wasn’t bad enough, now you might have to get your brain swabbed too?

Come on.

When is enough ever going to be enough with this COVID-19 malarkey to use a favorite phrase of everyone’s favorite crazy uncle turned president?

As of right now, there’s a requirement for international testing that just took effect on Tuesday of this week. All U.S. bound travelers must test negative for the coronavirus within three days of being allowed to board their flight or present proof of having recovered from the illness.

“Papers, please?”

Sound familiar?

This is absurd.