Biden Gives Former President Trump Credit For Vaccine Development: ‘Not A Partisan Act’

President Joe Biden just did something that is probably going to cause conservative heads to explode all over the country. He actually gave former President Donald Trump and his administration credit for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Is your brain melting yet? Give it a few more minutes.

via Washington Examiner:

The Democratic chief executive has taken on some criticism from Republicans for, in their view, taking too much credit for the existence of the three coronavirus inoculations being put into arms in the United States. All three were developed while Trump was still in office, something Biden said plainly on Wednesday.

“Getting the vaccine is not a partisan act. The science was done under Republican and Democratic administrations,” Biden stated, apparently directing this comment to vaccine skeptics who reside in conservative areas of the nation.

“As a matter of fact, the first vaccines were authorized under a Republican president,” he said, not using Trump’s name.

But he did make sure to give himself and his own team credit for getting doses of the vaccines more widely distributed than Trump did while in office.

“And developed by a Democratic president,” he said, catching his slip, “deployed by a Democratic president.”

The former president has often mentioned how Biden and his administration have neglected to give his administration credit for issuing emergency use authorizations for the vaccines.

Before he left office, Trump asked reporters, “Don’t let Biden take credit” for the existence of the vaccines.