Biden Asked About ‘Unchecked Inflation,’ Answers By Slamming Trump’s Obsession With Stock Market

President Joe Biden decided the best response to a question he was asked about “unchecked inflation” on Monday would be to turn around and attack former President Donald Trump.

Biden took a number of questions from the media after he gave an address on the economy at the White House and responding to one such inquiry concerning rising prices.

“There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way, no serious economist,” Biden said. “Look, the stock market is higher than it has been in all of history.”

“Now, I don’t look at the stock market as a means by which to judge the economy like my predecessor did,” Biden went on to say. “He’d be talking to you every day for the last five months about how the stock market is so high, higher than any time in history, still higher than any time in history, so that’s not how I judge whether or not we’re having economic growth.”

via Washington Examiner:

It’s worth noting that a major focus of Biden’s remarks themselves was how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, the Build Back Better budget reconciliation proposal, and his budgetary request for fiscal year 2022 would combat the recent jump in prices, the largest inflationary increases since the 2008 recession.

You can watch Biden’s entire remarks and question-and-answer session below.

You can watch Biden’s entire remarks and question-and-answer session below.

You know, instead of deflecting a question by attacking your predecessor, maybe just being transparent about the current state of things is a better path to take?

Just something for the current administration to think about in the future.