Ben Carson Responds To President Biden Signing Four More Executive Orders For ‘Racial Equity’

President Joe Biden has proven that he has zero respect for our system of government works, going on a complete and total executive order rampage as if he were the king of a monarchy instead of an elected official.

Then again, given the circumstances surrounding the election, who knows if he’s really an elected official or not at this point.

Biden signed another four executive orders on Tuesday in a quest to supposedly bring about “racial equity.”

In one of those four orders, Biden has instructed the Department of Justice not to renew contracts from private prisons.

Later on, Ben Carson responded to this mess.

via Daily Wire:

The order says that there are “a disproportionate number of people of color” currently incarcerated in the United States. It claims “privately operated criminal detention facilities consistently underperform Federal facilities with respect to correctional services, programs, and resources” that help prepare inmates to reenter society.

“There is broad consensus that our current system of mass incarceration imposes significant costs and hardships on our society and communities and does not make us safer,” the order reads. “To decrease incarceration levels, we must reduce profit-based incentives to incarcerate by phasing out the federal government’s reliance on privately operated criminal detention facilities.”

Along with the directive aimed at the DOJ, the president has also ordered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to implement the Fair Housing Act requirements.

Former HUD Secretary Ben Carson slammed the Biden administration for trying to make the issues going on with housing in our country about race.

“We don’t need to do that,” Carson said on Fox News airwaves in response to the “racial” framing. “What we need to do, again, is look at the reasons that people are having trouble buying houses. A lot of times it’s because of the financing, and the way to financing was administered. And those are the kind of things we were working on very seriously, and have made some real progress on.”

What you are seeing right now is the practical application of Critical Race Theory, a huge part of modern cultural Marxism that the left is attempting to shove down our throats.

Look, racism does exist. No one is arguing with that. Evil people will always exist. That’s the truth. And it sucks. But how we feel about it doesn’t change anything.

What has changed, however, is systemic racism. That truly no longer exists in America. We’ve made in-roads in improving society and getting rid of institutionalized racism. It’s time to stop trying to create a problem that does not exist.