Before Leaving The WH Trump Put Dozens Of Allies On Govt. Boards; Biden Might Be Stuck With Them

Former President Donald Trump decided to take one last jab at the incoming Biden administration by stuffing dozens of his allies on government boards just before his time was up at the White House.

Ever since taking office, President Biden has been attempting to undo everything his predecessor accomplished while in office, which includes the removal of Trump’s appointees to boards like the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the Air Force Academy.

However, it seems that many of these folks can’t be removed until their full terms are up.

via Daily Wire:

As Politico reports:

Biden’s team is trying to determine whether they can do anything about the appointments, a person familiar with the situation said. “We are tracking closely and seeing what we can do,” the person said.

But those who have reviewed the law governing the boards say removing appointees can be difficult, especially if they come with political or business connections that could help the organizations. Most appointees do not need Senate confirmation and will remain until the end of their yearslong terms. Those who support Trump’s appointments say if Congress opposes the appointment process, lawmakers should change it.

Biden may be able to replace some of Trump’s allies on commissions such as the Pentagon Defense Business Board, which gives business advice to the secretary of defense, that do not have set term limits for their members. Other boards, such as the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board, which has a five-year term, may prove difficult if not impossible to remake before members’ terms are up.

Most of these board positions aren’t salaried. However, they do have additional perks like being given money for travel or gaining access to exclusive events.

Biden has been doing his best to write executive order after executive order designed to remove any and all of the orders that Trump put in place over the course of his term.

In fact, he’s put out more orders in his first week than any other president. Apparently, Biden has forgotten that laws are to be passed by the legislative branch, not the executive. A little civics refresher course might be necessary.