Babylon Bee EIC Rips Into Late-Night TV Hosts, Says They Are ‘Disciples Of A Leftist Religion That They Cannot Laugh About’

Kyle Mann, the genius editor-in-chief of the Christian conservative satire site the Babylon Bee, tore into late-night television hosts in a new piece he wrote for National Review, stating that the “Left is increasingly the party of self-righteous zealots, disciples of a leftist religion that they cannot laugh about.”

Mann started off his essay by saying, “They think the point of comedy is to make “really targeted jokes,” to “undermine” things, or to “target” things they — and presumably their audience — disagree with. Over the last decade, late-night hosts across the board began to lay aside their relatable, everyman’s brand of comedy and pivot toward lecturing the crowd on their moral values. They went from chasing laughter — no matter who the butt of the joke may have been — to chasing applause. The result has been anything but funny.”

“If you find yourself unable to laugh at something, unable to find anything worthy of satire — especially in a politician like Joe Biden — you may be blinded by your own worldview,” Mann went on to say. “A president who has been in politics for five decades promising hope and change. A politician who campaigned against the abuses of the Trump administration and then, once elected, did the very things his party once decried. A president heralded as a return to normalcy who is now proposing ideas that threaten our norms and institutions at a far more fundamental level than Trump ever did.”

via Daily Wire:

Mann wasn’t shy about criticizing his own side of the political aisle: “Let’s admit something here: Conservatives can be pretty bad at comedy. … I’ve gotta admit, I’ve written some stinkers in my day too. But we’ve got to be honest with ourselves. Conservatives have tried and failed to put out good comedy shows and films to rival the late-night propaganda emanating from the left every weeknight. The problem with many of these attempts is that they were trying to make a point first and be funny second.”

Then he turned to the talk-show hosts, who from Jimmy Kimmel to Stephen Colbert to Seth Meyers to Jimmy Fallon all hail from the political Left, as well as other “comedians”: “[T]he Left is increasingly the party of self-righteous zealots, disciples of a leftist religion that they cannot laugh about. The great pronoun debate is a goldmine of contradictions and absurdities, but they will not touch it.”

“Ultimately, it’s up to us, the audience. We have a choice when we hear jokes that criticize what we believe. We can chuckle and think, “I never thought about it that way,” and maybe change for the better, or at least have a healthy and humble sense of humor about who we are. Or, we can choose to be offended, to cancel the comedians that would dare criticize our dogma and demand they be replaced with self-righteous moral lecturers who are preaching to the choir,” Mann concluded.

Mann is right on the money. The vast majority of the late night hosts have basically forsaken one of the most important tenets of being a comedian, which is to tell the truth and hold people accountable, regardless of their political stance, by using humor.

Many folks on the right, such as Mann, have no problem making fun of our own side, especially when they do something stupid, hypocritical, or just plain hilarious. We can examine ourselves and not take things so personally or seriously.

The left, on the other hand, is like a bunch of children who lack the maturity level to handle that kind of criticism.