AZ Rep. Hoffman Agrees With Trump’s Comments About The Border, Says They’re ‘On Point’

Arizona state Rep. Jake Hoffman stated that he is in agreement with comments former President Donald Trump has made about the current situation at the southern border, calling them “on point.”

“The border crisis is at levels never seen before in this country,” the 12th District Republican went on to say during a conversation on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Arizona is a border state. We see it firsthand.”

He then added that he’s beginning to hear from border county officials that the crisis down there is getting worse.

“In counties like Cochise County, which is a border county, over 33% of their jails are filled with illegal immigrants that have crossed the border illegally,” Hoffman continued, adding, “Their violent crime is up over 300% right now, and that’s just one county. We see it in multiple counties, so the president was right.”

via Newsmax:

Hoffman added that Trump was also right about policies under President Joe Biden, as “they’ve been dangerous and they put not only jobs and the economy in jeopardy, but they put lives, well being, and the safety of Americans in jeopardy, including right here in Arizona.”

Hoffman said he’s proud that the Arizona legislature has appropriated nearly $60 million toward border security.

“We as a state have to take responsibility, given that the federal government simply won’t do their job right now,” Hoffman stated, adding that the former president “made that case better than I’ve heard just about anybody in recent times.”

Meanwhile, Hoffman said that if Trump’s speech is any indication, the former president has the energy, willpower, and the message to run again for the White House in 2024.

“It was a rally about protecting our elections,” said the Arizona congressman. “I sponsored more than half of the election integrity bills that got signed into law. The president laid out the case for why we have to secure our elections. It’s not just an important issue. It is the issue. It has become the civil rights issue of our day that we make sure that every state follows Arizona’s lead and audits their vote to make sure that the process of administrating the elections is effective.”