Michael Cantrell

Because nothing screams freedom and liberty like forcing someone to give up their constitutional Second Amendment rights by threat of law, right?
California Rep. Brad Sherman is not wasting any time making a grand gesture to try appeasing the ever growing "woke" community in his home state as he seeks to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump, filing as his first order of business in the now Democrat-controlled House.
Anyone else interested to know how a washed up actress that is irrelevant in today's pop culture realm is going to kill the GOP?
So The Washington Post has a "conservative columnist," which basically means they have a leftist who, to borrow the language of the day, "self-identifies" as a Republican, who just made a rather wacky prediction about President Trump resigning from office.
If you happen to listen to Chris Cuomo of CNN, then you probably don't think there's been a drop of voter fraud in the state of Florida in the last midterm election, despite the fact that Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been shown to have violated election law.
Well, it seems North Korea is up to their old tricks again, deciding to follow through with plans to expand its ballistic missile program at 16 secret sites.