Michael Cantrell

President Trump made a surprise visit to a megachurch in Virginia on Sunday, and the way the pastor responded to the whole thing is absolutely perfect. We need more pastors like David Platt, ladies and gentlemen. Leaders in the church...
For the love of all that's right and good in this world, let's make this happen. Like yesterday.
The House has opted to send a message to Rep. Ilhan Omar and her obviously anti-Semitic remarks posted on her social media profiles, passing language condemning anti-Semitism which was added to another resolution by a vote of 424-0.
The United States Treasury Department released a statement about the national debt and it's super painful. If you don't look at this astronomically high number and feel like puking, you might not be grasping the full impact of what our debt means for the future.
President Trump, notorious for his expertise in the world of trolling, took Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the woodshed, mocking her ridiculously dumb "Green New Deal" during a rally held in El Paso, Texas.
One journalist decided to let his hatred flag fly high in the sky concerning the latest fake outrage story perpetrated and deceptively reported on by the mainstream media, however, his choice to vent his emotions came with a heavy...