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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Michael Cantrell

If you happen to listen to Chris Cuomo of CNN, then you probably don't think there's been a drop of voter fraud in the state of Florida in the last midterm election, despite the fact that Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been shown to have violated election law.
Well, it seems North Korea is up to their old tricks again, deciding to follow through with plans to expand its ballistic missile program at 16 secret sites.
Jeff Sessions was forced to resign from his position of Attorney General on Wednesday, but those who are big fans of what he accomplished during his time in office may not have to say their goodbyes just yet. As it...
That might be the most epic, brutal takedown of a left-wing reporter that the world has ever seen. And the thing is, Acosta deserved every bit of it.
Remember way, way back in the day when actor Jim Carrey used to be really, super funny and entertaining to watch? Those were the good ole days, weren't they? Unfortunately, Carrey has traded in entertaining folks for being a political...
A black woman took to social media to announce she was leaving the Democratic Party in typical melodramatic fashion that captures the essence of the modern generation perfectly, claiming she was part of the "blacks for Trump" movement. The only...

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