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Friday, February 15, 2019


I don't know if this is just empty virtue signaling, willful ignorance, or an actual plot to keep violence-plagued communities voting Democrat, but whatever the case, it's absurd. 
In case you're having a rough day, are burned out on all the crazies out there, or need to stock up on arguments to use against stupid people on Twitter, here's Ben Shapiro's recent annihilation of socialism, which he executed in under four minutes.
While the Democrats have been tirelessly digging for Russian dirt on Donald Trump for well over two years, they're unlikely to find anything on Trump that comes close to this video. 
Maybe they should stick to cat gifs? 
It's been a pretty frustrating news week, so imagine my delight that not only had Jim Acosta announced he was writing a book, but Twitter has been thoroughly enjoying ripping him for it. 

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