As a part of King Andy's agenda-soaked budget, the plastic bag ban comes with an "optional" 5-cent tax on paper bags, and you can bet your buffalo wings NYC is gonna take him up on it.
Let's not minimize the dude's seriously wrong behavior to a workplace equality issue. Are you nuts?
In her post, Mrs. Mankey also lamented that she was the only person in the packed Starbucks making an idiot of herself and screaming at a total stranger.
After being the most embarrassingly vocal member of the #MeToo lynch mob against SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, her defense of Handsy Joe is too insane to ignore.
The statue of a guy who owned slaves and died forty years before slavery was abolished is just too terrifying to be lurking around a college campus.
The crash of 1929. The Dust Bowl storms of the 1930s. Now, the Great Avocado Famine Of 2019.

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