Alyssa Duvall

It seems as though just about everyone is planning, mulling, or joking about taking a shot at the big show, and it's just getting plain ridiculous.
If there's a God, that means He runs the show, and people don't tend to like that too much.
For some of you socialist neo-hippie types out there, living without electricity might not seem like such a huge deal. As long as you can grow kale and soybeans and live in a yurt, everything's all good.
"We need $30 an hour jobs, $40 an hour jobs. We need to get back to that message."
Well, that's sure to be an enlightening subject and not at all biased or prejudiced.
As a part of King Andy's agenda-soaked budget, the plastic bag ban comes with an "optional" 5-cent tax on paper bags, and you can bet your buffalo wings NYC is gonna take him up on it.

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