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Alyssa Duvall

For some of you socialist neo-hippie types out there, living without electricity might not seem like such a huge deal. As long as you can grow kale and soybeans and live in a yurt, everything's all good.
"We need $30 an hour jobs, $40 an hour jobs. We need to get back to that message."
Well, that's sure to be an enlightening subject and not at all biased or prejudiced.
As a part of King Andy's agenda-soaked budget, the plastic bag ban comes with an "optional" 5-cent tax on paper bags, and you can bet your buffalo wings NYC is gonna take him up on it.
Let's not minimize the dude's seriously wrong behavior to a workplace equality issue. Are you nuts?
In her post, Mrs. Mankey also lamented that she was the only person in the packed Starbucks making an idiot of herself and screaming at a total stranger.

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