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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Alyssa Duvall

If you take a magnifying glass to CNN's numbers, it gets even worse—or, if you're me, even funnier.
While we often hear about these 200-year-old-or-more laws, the same spirit that sought to stop Americans from kicking cans and throwing snowballs is alive and kicking harder than ever.
But, the former First Lady and Secretary Of State ain't gonna let a pesky little thing like her track record get in the way of giving her fellow Democrats "the talk".
Y'all, I had quite a bit of fun watching folks squirm after Hayden splashed cold water on their fond memories of President Obama's immigration policies.
Since she doesn't seem to realize how hilariously ignorant and—gasp—privileged she is to do this, let's help her out, y'all.
Upon the realization that Sanders is among the 5% of America's wealthiest citizens, the establishment Democrat mainstream media is, naturally, eating him for breakfast.

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