Attorney For Ex-Minneapolis Police Officer Now Claiming George Floyd Died From Overdose Of Fentanyl

The lawyer representing one of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd is now saying charges against his client need to be dropped because the victim in this case died from a Fentanyl overdose.

Folks, this is probably going to reinvigorate the violence of the radical Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa in a very, very big way. Be prepared.

Here’s more from the Daily Wire:


The Hennepin County medical examiner stated that Floyd had tested positive for fentanyl intoxication, and had recently been found to have used methamphetamines. The medical examiner did rule Floyd’s death a murder, but stated that “manner of death classification is a statutory function of the medical examiner” and “is not a legal determination of culpability or intent, and should not be used to usurp the judicial process.”

You can probably already hear the groups involved in all of the chaos of the last several months preparing themselves to go ahead and do what they always do when a verdict doesn’t go the way they want it to, which is riot, loot, and steal.

However, just because it is recommended that the charges be dropped, doesn’t mean they will be. Hopefully, everyone will keep a clear head.