AstraZeneca Is Hopeful Its Antibody Cocktail Will Work On New COVID Variant In South Africa

AstraZeneca, a pharmeceutical company, stated on Friday that they were hopeful that both their antibody cocktail and vaccine against COVID-19 will remain effective against the new variant that has started to spread around South Africa.

“As with any new emerging variants, we are looking into B.1.1.529 to understand more about it and the impact on the vaccine,” AstraZeneca went on to remark in a statement, going on to add that it was conducting research in Botswana and Eswatini to collect data.

“We are also testing our long-acting antibody combination AZD7442 against this new variant and are hopeful AZD7442 will retain efficacy since it comprises two potent antibodies with different and complementary activities against the virus,” the company stated.

Gee, wouldn’t you know, there’s another variant floating around out there. It’s almost like this is going to keep right on happening forever and ever.
It is, by the way, which is why all of this talk of vaccines and boosters is essentially useless.
Companies need to be spending more and more time focusing on treatments instead of prevention because this illness is going nowhere. It will be around for the rest of eternity.