Arizona Gov. Ducey Takes Biden Admin To The Woodshed Over Border Crisis Failure, Says They’ve ‘Been Anti-Wall And AWOL’

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey announced on Thursday delivered a scathing critique of the Biden administration’s handling (or lack thereof) of the current border crisis, stating the federal government has been largely absent.

“We’ve had no interaction with the president or the vice president,” Ducey stated during an interview with Fox News host Dana Perino.

He did, however, point out that his team has been in contact with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“… [it is] a crisis and an emergency that needs action from the federal government and they need to start responding to the border governors, to our requests,” the governor went on to say. “We need resources for the National Guard.”

According to Ducey, part of the solution to this issue is the Biden administration changing up how they communicate with Mexico.

“The Biden administration has been anti-wall and AWOL. They’re absent without leave,” Ducey stated. “We need support on the southern border.”

via Daily Wire:

The differences between the Biden administration and the Trump administration’s stance on the border is stark, the governor explained. He cited an interview ABC News’ Martha Raddatz conducted with illegal aliens as evidence. In that interview, the illegal immigrants said they made the trek to the United States because President Joe Biden took office.

“She asked them if they would take the same journey under the Trump administration and they said no,” he recalled. “It couldn’t be more clearer [sic] that the [Biden] administration is not properly communicating that the border is closed.”

Border Patrol has apprehended over 170,000 illegal aliens, something Ducey said is a “border crisis and a humanitarian crisis.” Of those 170,000 in custody, 19,000 are unaccompanied minors.

Biden’s rush to undo all of the previous administration’s immigration policies are largely responsible for what has happened at the southern border. As soon as he was sworn in, Biden immediately banned deportations for the first 100 days of his time in office. A judge then tossed out the deportation freeze when Texas brought a challenge against the decision.

As of now, Ducey is planning to deploy National Guard soldiers, but wants the federal government to reimburse him for the cost. Even if they don’t cover the cost, Ducey stated the state will pick up the tab.