Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Upholding Texas Law Banning Second-Trimester Abortions

A federal appeals court in New Orleans ruled on Wednesday that a 2017 Texas law that outlaws abortion procedures during the second-trimester of a pregnancy.

If you listen closely, you can hear the screams of agony coming from radical leftists in Texas who realize they will now have to practice keeping their legs closed or using some sort of protection during sexual activity instead of killing their pre-born children.

via Washington Examiner:

A majority of the judges from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which hold appellate jurisdiction over district courts across Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama, ruled this week in favor of backing the statute that blocks certain procedures without ensuring whether the fetus is still alive. The ruling stems from a legal battle between several pro-abortion plaintiffs and defendants such as Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and others who favored the law.

The law, known as SB8, was enacted in 2017 but never enforced. Supporters of it refer to the abortion practice as “dismemberment abortion,” though it is known by its medical term as dilation and evacuation.

In the majority opinion concerning this law, the judges in the court wrote that “through a binary framework — that either D&Es can be done only by live dismemberment or else women cannot receive abortions in the second trimester — is to accept a false dichotomy.”

A panel of three judges on the 5th Circuit actually blocked the enforcement of this law in 2020, but the state of Texas sought a rehearing by a full court.

Judge James Dennis wrote a dissent on behalf of himself and Judges Carl Stewart and James Graves in the appeals court on Wednesday. Dennis wrote that the Texas law, “under the guise of regulation, makes it a felony to perform the most common and safe abortion procedure employed during the second trimester.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a nonprofit organization that is made up of attorneys and advocates for abortion, stated that the group will now be looking at this recent decision and will consider its future legal options.

“Texas has been hellbent on legislating abortion out of existence, and it is galling that a federal court would uphold a law that so clearly defies decades of Supreme Court precedent,” Nancy Northup, who serves as the CEO of the nonprofit group, went on to say about the ruling.

Wow. Nancy is really fuming that she can’t kill babies in Texas. Kind of gross, isn’t it?

“At a time when the health care needs of Texans are greater than ever, the state should be making abortion more accessible, not less. There is no question that today’s decision will harm those who already face the greatest barriers to health care,” Northup continued.

Let’s hope Texas and every other state creates legislation that completely abolishes abortion so that the lives of our most vulnerable citizens are protected.